About this blog…

“Wait, I thought your name was–”

Shhhhh. It’s a pen name. If you do happen to know my real name, please do not link to me as such. While I want this blog to be about my personal experiences, I do not want certain family members to find it.

Who are you?

Call me CT. I am 23 years old and I live in a small town in an awful Southern state (no, not that one–the other one) and that’s all the relevant information you need to know, at least from this tiny introduction.

What is this blog about?

I am aiming it to be mostly about my experiences at an Independent Fundamental Baptist Christian academy which I attended from grades 5th-9th grade. They taught using the Accelerated Christian Education (A.C.E.) curriculum. To briefly explain it (which is no easy task, but I will try), A.C.E. is a very right-winged fundamentalist curriculum designed for Christian schools and home-schooling parents and children. If you would like to learn what this is in detail, I will eventually address it within my own “escape” story called Drowning in Doctrine, but until then, click here. (Link will open a new tab.)

I also plan to inform on certain articles presented about harmful fundamentalism as perpetrated through media, government, education, healthcare, and any other category or world event that could be portrayed as detrimental to human rights and ethics.

Why did you delete all your old posts?

I felt that their content was a bit too…liberal? (Ironically.) I can hardly hope to appeal to the public through excessive swearing and dark jokes that people don’t necessary find tasteful. I’m not completely censoring myself, because I hate censorship just like anybody fighting for freedom of the press, but this was more of a personal choice so I could open up a dialogue with readers.

It was a matter of developing maturity and professionalism within my writing as well. I mean, you might be unconvinced because the blog header art is a bit off the rails, but come on, minimalism’s for squares!

What’s with the name? Aren’t you worried that would be offensive?

I chose the name because it stands out. And it’s true. Well, figuratively. I would have totally lit up my whole collection of academy skirts and blouses if I hadn’t been scared of setting the whole lawn on fire.

Yes, I do mean it to be a statement of anarchy, and such anarchy tends to offend.

There are groups and sects of fundamentalists that would condemn me for wearing form-fitting jeans (which I can totally understand–they make my ass look so sinfully good). There are countries and their extremist dogmatic tyrants that ban women from revealing anything other than their eyes due to their perverted understanding of gender roles.

Since I’m already accused of ensnaring men’s wondering eyes…while also wanting to ensnare women’s wondering eyes as well…I will continue to wear my hip-hugging jeans and shirts that accentuate my breasts. Because I am woman, I like women like I like men, and I want women and men to see how much woman I am. (Say that five times fast.)