My medical files are a lot like my vagina…

…stubborn old white men shouldn’t be allowed to control what goes in or out them.

dark humor rating: 5/5

swearing: 4/5

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Back to my vagina…

I’ve been endlessly bitter about the fact that the infected prolapses running this country seem to be forgetting that the cunts they crawl into every night, in their attempt to climb back into the womb as a last-ditch Freudian attempt to gain their scorned mother’s approval, have their own thought processes and everything. It’s almost like women aren’t available holes to rest their wrinkled and withered chodes in.

Sorry, did my mention of cunts give you an erection? My bad. I’m only a woman! I’m a bad influence on males because I don’t cover my knees and allow my bra straps to indicate that I’m wearing  a bra and that I have breasts. My bad.

Yeah. You can probably guess that I’m not feeling so hot right now. Probably because I have to pay 30 dollars just to get my fucking birth control that I don’t even use because I’m sexually active, but because my periods make the side effects and my bipolar moods even goddamn worse. 

I’m also upset because there’s a war developing overseas and more and more children are dying because radical idiots want to soak their streets in innocent blood because a fucking ancient book told them it was righteous. 

But you know what?

I’m going to spend my free time, instead of making peace resolutions, playing golf and defunding national programs so more and more women can die from cervical cancer and suffer through back alley abortions because they just weren’t feeling generous enough to have their rapist’s baby. 

Thank you, Mike Pence. You are a true revolutionary.

So, now, thanks to Mike Pence, babies will be born. Babies of all kinds:

  • Crack babies,
  • Premature babies that their mothers couldn’t be bothered to quit smoking, chewing tobacco/drinking alcohol/smoking pot for,
  • Rapist babies,
  • Babies born of incest with painful, debilitating genetic disorders,
  • Babies addicted to heroin and missing half their limbs,
  • Babies who will be chronic pain until they die even more painfully at the age of 4, 
  • Babies who were not wanted to begin with and the mothering instinct didn’t kick in to change that but were forced to be born 
  • Babies who will be abandoned in the cold or killed because they weren’t wanted
  • Babies that will be physically/sexually molested/raped/abused for years down the line and will likely continue the cycle of rape and abuse without proper treatment
  • Babies that will be indoctrinated for 10-15 years of its life to believe everything is sinful and that they’re deserving of hell and forced into adulthood like a baby bird with a wing missing forced out of its nest and off a fucking cliff
  • Babies that will grow up unwanted and will become serial murders/rapists/killers
  • Babies that will be sold through black markets and traded like cattle for slavery and sex

And of course, babies that are a mixture of 2 or 5 of these lovely categories.

It’s all thanks to Mike Pence.

Because all babies deserve to be born…

…but not all will be loved.

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